About Peter Rooney Photography
“If something’s worth doing, then it’s worth doing well”.

I have always been a perfectionist, but it should be of quite some reassurance to my clients to know this about me. I strive to produce end results that are technically, artistically and aesthetically stunning.
What I offer is a distinctive and high-end product: pieces of fine art that will become family heirlooms – be they individual prints of yourselves, your children or your loved ones; or one of my range of Cherish Books that catalogue the story of a momentous occasion in your life through a series of creatively sequenced and beautiful images. 
                                                                                                                          Peter Rooney

Wall Portraits
A portrait - whether it be just of yourself, or of you and your lifelong friend, your partner, your siblings, your children or your own parents - is something very beautiful, timely and iconic. Both now and in the years to come, these portraits are a testament to Who You Are. My goal is to capture this, in images that will become statement pieces of art, topics of conversation and will stir the emotions every time you view them. This is why I am championing the return of photographs to the walls of people's homes.
There is no emotional attachment to digital images whether saved on computers, Facebook or discs gathering dust in a drawer somewhere. That is why I do not sell photographs as digital files alone. I sell images that are printed and mounted on matboard, ready for the walls of your home, where they can be hung and appreciated daily.

"So, what does the process entail?"
Step 1 - The Consultation
Begin by contacting me to discuss the nature of end product you're after - anything from a single framed print or canvas, up to a 30-page photobook - and who you would like photographed (just yourself, and/or you with others). I recommend that we meet in person if possible at my home-studio, so that we discuss: your preferences and requirements what you will need to bring along to the shoot (wardrobe requirements) available dates for the shoot
Step 2 - The Shoot
You will receive professional hair and make-up artistry if required (allow approx 1hr per person for this before the shoot can commence). A shoot can last anywhere from an hour to two days! Obviously the full duration will be determined by what nature of end product you are seeking, and how many people are involved in the shoot. More ambitious plans obviously take longer to execute and capture. There is no time limit to a shoot, getting the images is the most important factor.
Step 3 - The Reveal
A select number of images will be retouched, professionally printed and mounted onto matboards. You will then be invited back to view the images. Any that you wish to purchase will be available to take away there and then, but you are also welcome to order additional copies, different sizes or different finishes, or to change your original plan from having just a few pictures to having a photobook, and vice versa.
Ordering of additional printed images takes around 3 weeks. Ordering of a photobook takes around 4 weeks. (All additional orders must be paid for in advance).
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